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Floor 1, no.3 longjing road, guanjingtou village, fenggang town, dongguan city, guangdong province.

Company Profile

In 1988, Mr. Jialiang Zhuang worked in a mould work shop as a mould maker in Shenzhen, 10 years later, established a mould making factory, today,  after several times integration, Wishmouds becomes a middle-sized factory, with professional workforce of 120, focus on plastic injection moulds, molding plastic parts, die casting and metal parts, equipped with CNC, EDM, Wire-Cutting machine, Milling, Grinding, Lathe, Drill press, VMS, CMM, injection machine, Provide One Stop Service from part design - mould 3D drawing - mould making - injection plastic part  - second processing of printing, painting, ultrasonic welding- assembly -package - shipment -- support service, our parts are wildly used in automotive, home appliance, telecommunication, electronics, security products,  Furniture, Sports, office appliance, medical and industrial areas, exporting 70% to USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Italy, Austria, Germany, New Zealand, Australian, Netherlands,  Norway,  Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, India, Israel, Iran, Sri Lanka,  Singapore, Argentina, etc.